Frequently Asked Questions for the Collaborative School

Who may attend the Collaborative School?
Brentwood, Clayton, and Ladue students may attend; for more information check with each school about possibility of enrollment.

Can I still attend school functions while enrolled at The Collaborative School?
Yes, unless told otherwise by your home district.

Can I play sports while I am enrolled at The Collaborative School?
That is determined by your home district’s athletic director and principal.

Do I follow my home school calendar?
No, students will follow The Collaborative School Calendar.

Can I work from home on my assignments?
Yes, students are encouraged to do so.

Will I be allowed to go back to my home school?
Yes, when students meet the goals and requirements given to them by the home district.

What snow schedule will I follow while I’m enrolled at The Collaborative School?
Students will follow the Collaborative School snow schedule as announced on local TV stations KTVI and KMOV.

What are the hours students are required to attend?
1st Session:  7:10 am – 10:10 am; 2nd Session:  10:45 am – 1:45 pm.

Who will issue my diploma?
Your home school district will issue your high school diploma upon completion.

How does a student earn credits?
Students will earn credits upon completion of classes.

Will I still have transportation provided for me to get to school?
No, unless you participate in the VICC program.

Are students assigned homework?
No, but students are encouraged to work from home.

Will there be someone available to help with schoolwork?
Yes, certified teachers are available to help students during school hours.

What curriculum does the school use?
Students use OdysseyWare which is a web based academic curriculum.

Can a student attend both sessions?
No, students will be enrolled for either the first or second session.

How many credits am I expected to earn?
In a traditional school setting students earn anywhere between 3.5 – 4 credits per semester.  Students at The Collaborative School are expected to earn double that of a traditional school.

How much social time is allowed?
With 3 hours of school, the focus is on earning credits.

What are attendance expectations?
Students are expected to be present and on time every day.

What materials do I need?
All materials are provided for each student.

Are students allowed to listen to personal music devices?
No, personal music devices and/or cell phones are NOT allowed during school hours.

Are food and drink allowed at school?
Students are encouraged to eat prior to or after the session in which they are enrolled.